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Dragonlance Movie

Ok, I got the Dragonlance movie.


Yes, it was very fast and there was some cheapness to the animation. But you're talking to a person who grew up on mass produced animation with flaws all over the place. Not that big of a deal to me.

But the main theme was still there, and more powerfully put than the book did. The story is about faith in oneself, your friends, and your god(s). Its a story of becoming part of a bigger picture and thinking of the greater good than just of yourself. Some scenes were cut out but it didn't hinder the story at all. It was well written, well acted (Lucy Lawless DID NOT DO THE XENA YODEL!!! Thank god) and even if some of the art was bad (apparently this Indian company does not know how to draw horses at all) they made some improvements to the character design (Sturm does not have horns on his helm and Caramon did not have the dumb looking dragon helm).

Oh, one more thing.

Raistlin + Kiefer Sutherland = HOT!

I never thought I would be saying that...Kiefer "Majere" might just have a new fan. :)

I'm hoping that they'll do well with the sales and make the next movie. I'm really looking forward for the next installment.

(x-posted to other DL groups I'm in! I want this to do well and get more movies!)
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